Government Technology Leader

Special Awards

This award aims to recognize a Technology leader in government who plays a key role in enabling and harnessing the power of technology to bring elements of the National Development Plan (NDP) to fruition. The Technology leader shares with their peers and principals how their technology programs have advanced the NDP key objectives – with the SA citizen being the recipient of the programs.

Entries adjudication criteria

The nomination must include a motivation detailing the outstanding achievements of the nominee relevant to the NDP2030 by showing technology programmes the nominee implemented aligned to the following NDP2030 objectives:

  • Chapter 3 Economy and Employment
  • Chapter 4 Economic infrastructure
  • Chapter 5 Environmental sustainability and resilience
  • Chapter 6 Inclusive rural economy
  • Chapter 7 South Africa in the region and the world
  • Chapter 8 Transforming Human Settlements
  • Chapter 9 Improving education, training and innovation
  • Chapter 10 Health care for all
  • Chapter 11 Social protection
  • Chapter 12 Building Safer Communities
  • Chapter 13 Building a capable and developmental state
  • Chapter 14 Fighting corruption
  • Chapter 15 Nation building and social cohesion

NB: Award Points Based on how many of these objectives the CIO / CTO /Technology leader realised in their Departmental programs.


  • Create a breed of leaders in the country that are competent in pioneering and implementing digital transformation within the private or public sector.
  • Leaders who keep on putting SA on the map by leading successful and sustainable change as a result of technology.

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