Digital Governance Award

Entries adjudication criteria

This Award will be awarded to individuals, project teams or initiatives that have implemented innovative ICT solutions that improves governance and increase the control of corruption in the public service. The solutions will be awarded based on the following:

Professionalism: has consistently met or exceeded challenging objectives to ensure the successful use of IT, and demonstrated a quality approach through personal values and working practices.

Role model: has provided an example to other organizations of the importance of implementing proper Governance using ICT within the public service.

Measurable success: has delivered quantifiable benefits to their organization & customers through IT initiatives.

Governance: does not compromise governance has improved the operating efficiency and productivity, quality and overall competitiveness and customer service.

  • Overview of the organisation and key players.
  • Detail product or service – and the team involved in the project at least in no more than 5 pages.
  • Graphic depiction of the transformation progress from inception of the solution to its current status.
  • Clear demonstration of the benefit to the citizens and organisation.
  • Demonstration of the sustainability of the solution.
  • Description of the impact of the solution on the lives of citizens and the organisation.
  • Description, in no more than two pages of how the solution has proved to be accessible, usable and has successfully been deployed.
  • overall use of digital platforms and technology solutions over the past 12 months, demonstrating positive outcomes
  • Clear narrative demonstrating the needs identification process for implementation of the technology
  • Alignment of the use of the technology with the organization’s broader goals
  • Efficiencies and cost-savings gained from use of technology.
  • Encourage ICT as a solution to efficiency in Government but not compromising governance, security and create more employment than replacing employees with technology.

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