Digital Woman

Special Awards

This special award will recognise a woman who is a role model and sustainably shaping digitization through leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, social-focus and/or innovative discoveries, and who is positively impacting other people participating in digitally-driven or digitally-enabled environments.

. The award winner should have:

  • Consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a ‘model of excellence’ across their entire career.
  • Made an outstanding contribution to the sector
  • Developed and Mentored other people
  • Influenced the sector

Entries adjudication criteria

The nomination must include a motivation detailing the outstanding achievements of the nominee relevant to the ICT industry covering the following areas:

  • Professional achievements
  • Practical achievements
  • Description of awards received
  • Evidence of innovative contribution to the ICT industry
  • Highlight personal and professional barriers that have been overcome
  • Evidence of continued professional development
  • Leadership ability of the nominee and her contribution to building the ICT industry in general

NB: Self nominations are not accepted
Nominations for retired individuals are accepted


  • Create a breed of ICT players who can stay the course and ensure that they keep the country competitive within the ICT space/sector. Become exemplary and create a legacy.
  • More women in the ICT industry

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